Kate Dawkins

Kate Dawkins Studio ∙ 創辦人兼創意總監 ∙ 英國

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Kate Dawkins

Kate Dawkins Studio ∙ 創辦人兼創意總監 ∙ 英國

Kate Dawkins是英國電影及電視藝術學院(BAFTA) 的雙料獲獎設計師及導演,專門為節目、活動和現場演出製作以設計為主調的數碼內容。

Dawkins擁有超過20年業界經驗,屢獲殊榮,曾與多個世界知名品牌合作,包括在 2012年倫敦奧運會開幕及閉幕儀式亮相的360˚巨型「Audience pixels」、Nike、Jaguar Land Rover、汽車特技表演Fast & Furious Live、紀念英國陣亡軍人的Festival of Remembrance、MTV歐洲音樂大賞及唱作歌手Elton John。





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Fast & Furious Live
Fast & Furious Live. Is an epic global arena show where live action seamlessly blends with projection mapped environments as the action literally bursts from the screen and onto the stage.

@ Royal British Legion/BBC

Festival of Remembrance
The Royal British Legion’s annual Festival of Remembrance took on added significance this year with the centenary of the Armistice marking the end of World War One. A visually stunning 12 min sequence was added to commemorate this moment.

@ Crystal CG International/LOCOG

London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies – Audience Pixels
The brainchild of Danny Boyle, the London 2012 audience pixels consisted of 70,500 separate paddles of 9 high-powered LED lights, fixed to the stadium seats. The giant audience screen allowed the narrative to expand out from the field of play, immersing the audience into the show.


World War One Remembered: Passchendaele
To mark the centenary of Passchendaele, Third Battle of Ypres, the DCMS held a series of commemorative events. One of these special events was an evening in a spectacular multi-media show of projection, live theatrical and musical performances and took place in Ypres Market square

@ Intro/Lucid Films

Elton John – Red Piano Show
The Red Piano show was a rich, flamboyant and stunning visual sell-out show in the ‘state of the art’ theatre at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Art directed by world famous photographer David LaChapelle.


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