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Plenary III: Culture & The City I

Minsuk Cho ∙ Mass Studies

‘Regenerative’ Placemaking – Designing for People, Planet, & Profit

Emmanuel Pratt ∙ The Sweet Water Foundation

West Kowloon in Transformation

Duncan Pescod, GBS, JP ∙ West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

Making Ideas about Architecture Public

Sarah Herda ∙ Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts

Open Design Archipelago

Joseph Grima ∙ Space Caviar

Becoming the Design Museum

Alice Black ∙ The Design Museum

The Museum in the City

Zoë Ryan ∙ The Art Institute of Chicago

Plenary III: Culture & The City II

Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher ∙ San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

We Move Architecture Beyond

Michele De Lucchi ∙ Michele De Lucchi Studio