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Emerging technologies are driving the revolution of industry 4.0. How does the smart-tech-driven revolution disrupt the making of future products all the way from research and development, design, production and go-to-market strategy? How might new technologies challenge our preconceptions of products and services? What are the challenges that we must be prepared for, so as to create a sustainable future?

The presentations by world-leading designer-turned-entrepreneurs will guide us to envision good designs embedding emerging technologies as integrated solutions for a sustainable world, that integrates people, technology, environment, business and culture in harmony.

Areas of exploration:
The Making-of Future Product – How does the smart-tech-driven revolution disrupt the making of future products? How should businesses get prepared for the unforeseeable future?
Intelligent Design for sustainable Living – What are the barriers to sustainable living and how might intelligent design overcome those?

Abstract of Presentation

Luo Cheng – The Coupling between Industrial Design and Technology in China

In the background of Chinese special era of transferring economy, how industrial design can meet the emerging needs of people with good life as the goal. How technology acts on industrial design and how it can integrate with innovation to benefit design. Moreover, how design reacts on technology development with impact. As one of the most comprehensive industrial design group in China, ARTOP with a global vision has some practices and insights to share.

Session Info

Dec 06


Theatre 2


Giovanni Fili

CEO ∙ Exeger ∙ Sweden

Luo Cheng

Chairman & President ∙ ARTOP Design ∙ Mainland China

Nick Mival

Director ∙ DCA ∙ UK

Stefan Ytterborn

CEO & Founder ∙ CAKE ∙ Sweden

Frédéric Gooris

Founder ∙ Studio Gooris ∙ HK

Eu-wen Ding

Co-founder and CEO ∙ Lumos Helmet ∙ HK

Sangwon Choi

Vice President of Design ∙ LG Electronics ∙ The Republic of Korea

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