Suzy Annetta

Editor-in-Chief ∙ Design Anthology ∙ HK

Suzy Annetta

Editor-in-Chief ∙ Design Anthology ∙ HK

Born and educated in Melbourne, Australia, Suzy Annetta showed a passion for design early in life. Like other children, she spent many hours drawing and painting — unlike other children, she spent just as many studying floor plans, visiting show houses and spending most of her pocket money on design magazines.

Later, with a further developed love for the arts and the built environment, Suzy went on to study Interior Design and Textiles. Over the following years, Annetta worked across the interiors industry. Her experience with furniture, homewares and bedding further built her understanding of the relationship between the components of an interior.

In 2001, a stroke of destiny found Suzy working in Tokyo for an American textile company. Several years later, and a few continents travelled, Annetta found herself back in Asia, this time in Hong Kong. After holding senior positions with two award-winning design firms and gaining experience in high-end residential and 5-star hospitality projects, Annetta founded her own interior design studio.

Having authored a successful design blog that had garnered worldwide praise and a strong following within the design community and growing increasingly frustrated with the existing design publications available in the market, a conversation between friends was what Annetta needed to spark the idea to publish a design magazine.

Design Anthology was launched in early 2014 to a strong following that continues to grow. A quarterly, Design Anthology is published independently and is the only design magazine available across the Asia region to focus on a curated selection of high-end projects in the region or by Asian designers internationally.

In late 2018 Design Anthology UK, a sister licensed edition launched in the European market, and in late 2019 a new edition for the Australian and New Zealand audience will be launched.

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