Creative Mindset & Design Thinking

Creative mindset and design thinking would be the key in facing a future of complexity and uncertainty. With design as a growth and innovation-oriented competence, it is a timely session to promote creative thinking for complex problem-solving, building empathy and inclusivity, and delivering good solutions that place aspirations, wellbeing and needs of people, citizens and users at the centre.

Bringing in pioneers who are charged with forward looking visions from their respective sectors, the sharing and discussions will embrace challenges, approaches and actionable ways for integrating design thinking and creative mindset into policymaking, education, leadership and talent development across existing and emerging sectors, professions and industries.

Areas of exploration:
Investing in Design – A good design is not a spending but an investment for future. What do you think?
Nurturing Creative Talents – How should we groom our future leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st century?
Crafting Enterprising Creativity – How might enterprise creativity take businesses to the next level?
Be gamechanging – How might we change the world through design?

Session Info

Dec 05


Theatre 1


Chris Dobson

Principal ∙ Eight Inc. Hong Kong ∙ HK

Eric Schuldenfrei

Founding Partner ∙ ESKYIU | Head of the Department of Architecture ∙ The University of Hong Kong ∙ HK

Sir Nigel Carrington

Vice-Chancellor ∙ University of the Arts London ∙ UK

Paul Priestman

Designer, Co-founder & Chairman ∙ PriestmanGoode | Global Creative Director ∙ CRRC Sifang ∙ UK

Dr. Paul Thompson

Vice-Chancellor ∙ Royal College of Art ∙ UK

Prof. Sadie Morgan

Director ∙ dRMM Architects | Commissioner ∙ National Infrastructure Commission ∙ UK

Sarah Weir OBE

CEO ∙ Design Council ∙ UK

James Law JP

Chairman & CEO ∙ James Law Cybertecture ∙ HK

Dr. Hong Fung, JP

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer ∙ CUHK Medical Centre ∙ HK

Richard Kelly

Chief Catalyst ∙ Fung Group ∙ HK

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